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How your cancer cells get their energy to grow and deplete them from their energy sources



MDSURE mission is to provide cancer patients with the best individual Nutrition Protocol based on a comprehensive diagnostic scheme, optimize the outcome of chemotherapeutic treatment with a potential to aid preventing recurrence of the disease and improve quality of life.

MDSURE has developed a proprietary comprehensive approach, employing state of the art diagnostic methods for constructing a critical nutrition protocol of choice, having the maximum impact for the patient.  The protocol includes a scheduled combination of food and nutrition supplements  in conjunction with chemotherapy, that are shown to provide the best results in vitro, and in-vivo   

למי מתאימה השיטה

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  • אנשים שזה עתה זוהו כחולים במחלה (חשוב לפנות לפני הניתוח, לבירור האפשרות לבדיקה אישית להתאמת תרופות, ולפני הטיפול לקבלת ייעוץ תזונתי משלים אישי (ע"י תזונאית קלינית) אשר יתמוך בטיפולים הקונבנציונליים).  

  • אנשים שעברו טיפולים, ונמצאים בהפוגה, להחלמה ואיזון כללי.

  • אנשים שמחלתם חזרה.

  • לאנשים בריאים הנמצאים ברמת סיכון גבוהה, לתמיכה ואיזון.

Dr. Dorit Arad is a D.C. in physical organic chemistry from the Technion that has more than 25 years of experience in the life science industry as an international researcher, executive and entrepreneur. Dr. Dorit Arad is an interdisciplinary scientist with expertise in  Computer assisted Drug Design, Biotechnology , drug design, Diagnostics, infectious disease and cancer. Dr. Arad has more than 100 peer reviewed scientific papers and more than 50 international patents. 

Dr. Dorit Arad

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 MDSURE protocol



Performing metabolic profiling in a simple blood test and analysis



Personal nutrition formula, anticancer nutritional plan and scheduled  personalized supplement-formula



Merging the protocol in an integrated plan for the patient, in accordance with his physician to synergize treatment results

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